Learning Money Skills

Interactive Lessons and Games For Learning about Money.



Welcome to our interactive learning exercises.  Use these interactive exercises and online educational software to help you learn and reinforce money skills and basic math skills.




Learn to Identify Money


Identify Money

Learn to identify coins.




Learn to Count Coins


Learn to Count Coins

Practice coin counting.

only pennies, or count all coins.



Who has More Coins?


Who has more (coins)?

Who has more money (coins)?


Match Coin Amounts

Match Coin Amounts

Practice matching money

amounts to matching coins.


Counting Coins


Counting Coins

Counting coins. Learn to count money

with a focus on coins.


Counting Money


Counting Money

Counting money. Learn to count money

with a focus on dollars and bills.


Counting Change


Counting Change with Coins

Practice counting and making change with coins.

In this lesson, you are the cashier responsible for

giving change.







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